Using face to face teaching, group discussions, personal practice and feedback we work on refining and defining your message to have it heard effectively. Staff will deepen their skills, expand their thinking and learn how to take action on sharing their message powerfully, commercially and globally.

We will provide valuable ways to develop your content, market the content and how to position yourself to become a thought leader with messages that will be heard and engage your audience.

Who Should Attend?

Perfect for those staff who have any contact with customers or prospects and those who manage or lead in the office. Account executives, Marketing teams, Team leaders, Managerial and Professional staff, Leadership groups and Sales teams.

What You Will Learn and Discover

  • Learn the intrinsic details: marketing, positioning, content development and Intellectual Property ownership in order to become a thought leader.
  • Learn how to move up to and from expert to authority whilst discovering your unique and desirable value.
  • Learn why you need to say something new and disrupt thinking. Instead of simply collecting and disseminating existing information into useable chunks for an audience.
  • Learn the importance of being authentic. Thought leadership can only be achieved with authenticity.
  • Learn to show your story powerfully as a Leader – 90% of communication is not what comes out of your mouth. It is in your non-verbal’s… We teach you non-verbal intelligence to show your story so anyone can catch it easily.

What You Will Do

  • Learn and practise the 4 things you must do when creating your content. These four essential ingredients will ensure that you connect with your audiences’ heads and hearts to not only engage and inspire them but to transform their thinking and take action.
  • Learn simple frameworks for structuring your story and then refine it.
  • Practise new skills and receive feedback on how to improve your performance.
  • Learn Slide and Visual Mastery: In this world of digital technology we must learn the correct way to utilise slides, video, display screens and onstage tools to ensure our message connects.
  • Learn techniques to build your confidence to engage audiences through storytelling.
  • Engage in group discussions, video analysis, self-reflection, and targeted practice with feedback.

What You Will Achieve

  • The ability as thought leaders to be able to provide new thought and insight into the differing aspects of your expertise, whilst being a source of inspiration and innovation in the company and industry.
  • The ability to create insights that grab the attention of clients and the media to improve marketing attention in today’s cluttered business environment.
  • Improved communication skills giving them the confidence and skills to be more pro-active with their messages, whether dealing with others in the company or prospects and customers.