Learning how to assess the audience and plan a persuasive presentation which uses reasoning and emotional appeal to deliver a message that will inspire people into action.

Using face to face teaching, group discussions, personal practice and feedback we build confidence, help staff to discover a selection of tools & techniques to enhance their Presentation mastery. We teach the importance of the start and getting across the likeability factor. We look at the content of the presentation and how it is delivered then we ensure that the end is inspirational and has a solid call to action. Staff will be presenting throughout the day mastering their ability to deliver a powerful message or story whether dealing with others in the company or prospects and customers.

Who Should Attend?

Perfect for anyone who needs to increase their confidence and impact when delivering a presentation whether during innovation meetings, decision making meetings, team meetings, operations presentations, Information sharing with clients. Includes Team leaders, Managerial & Professional Staff, CEOs, Customer service managers, Sales teams, Leadership groups and anyone engaged in a lot of inter-office meetings with mini presentations.

What You Will Learn and Discover

  • Discover Four essential ingredients to ensure you connect, engage and inspire your audience.
  • Learn how to feel comfortable, relaxed and professional in presentations.
  • Discover Body language tips that will instantly make you look more Intelligent.
  • Learn the right tonality, pauses and gestures to inspire action from your audience.
  • Discover influence and persuasion techniques to master your likability instantly.
  • Learn adjustments to be made when working with technology, audio visual conferencing and video.

What You Will Do

  • Learn simple frameworks for structuring your presentation.
  • Practical exercises and activities in the training room to identify key issues to improve.
  • Learn techniques to build your confidence to engage and inspire audiences.
  • Practice new skills and receive feedback on how to improve your performance.
  • Participate in group discussions, video analysis, self-reflection, and targeted practice with feedback.
  • Practice body language techniques so your message and body language are aligned with what you’re saying.

What You Will Achieve

  • The ability to develop and deliver influential presentations in a persuasive manner.
  • Ability to boost your confidence and overcome nerves and bad habits.
  • How to build structured, engaging presentations that convey ideas and connect with a range of audiences.
  • Learn how to feel comfortable, relaxed and professional in presentations.
  • The ability to quickly build rapport and credibility to persuade your audience and gain commitment whilst challenging perceptions and driving action or inspiring change either with internal staff or customers.