Confidence is a state that we experience in our bodies which is attainable for everyone. However, confidence is something that we need to cultivate. The more we cultivate it, the better we become at it. One major part of confidence is certainty. Very often what we don’t realise is, there are many facets and influences we experience that affect confidence and one of them is certainty.

If we can create more certainty in our work environment we most certainly are on the right path to cultivating confidence. Certainty in their job and in the way, they speak about the company. Certainty around being able to have conversations and starting conversations. Certainty that they are knowledgeable about what they do in their work environment and feel credible. Having certainty in a job well done builds confidence but also builds credibility.

The focus of this course is on practical outcomes instead of academic learning. It involves self-evaluation, group discussion, practical activities, feedback, practice techniques, checklists and action plans designed to facilitate change-oriented learning to give the skills to be more pro-active when engaging with others in the company or prospects and clients.

Who Should Attend?

Perfect for all layers of a company including frontline and support staff who have intra office conversations/meetings and/or deal with customers or prospects and need to be more confident and certain in their actions and communications, from Reception desk, In-house support staff, Customer service, Executive assistants, Account executives, Office managers, Team leaders, Managerial and Professional staff, Sales teams and Leadership groups.

What You Will Learn and Discover

  • Discover the motivators to ensure your confidence will never leave you again.
  • Learn why being you authentically trumps everything.
  • Discover the drivers of certainty and how we can we implant them into our system.
  • Learn to identify and address your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover how to overcome fear of speaking to a group or audience.
  • Learn how to define and refine your message so that you embody confidence and certainty.

What You Will Do

  • Practice body language techniques to confidently be seen standing in your own authenticity.
  • Learn simple ideas for identifying your self-worth, creating positive self-talk and identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practical exercises and activities in the training room to identify key issues to improve.
  • Learn techniques to build your confidence to engage and inspire audiences.
  • Practice new skills and receive feedback on how to improve your performance.
  • Participate in group discussions, video analysis, self-reflection, and targeted practice with feedback.

What You Will Achieve

Improved communication skills and emotional intelligence to help increase your capacity to be an assertive and confident communicator and project an image of credibility and composure at work. The ability to be confident and assertive whilst truly being ‘yourself’ and reflecting that in your work environment and during meetings and intra-office communications.