Humans are naturally drawn to those with charisma, which is something that can be learnt and practised through body language and presentation techniques. With charisma, staff will become more influential, persuasive and inspiring and humour will allow them to improve their likeability factor within the office which is a great asset to have.

Using face to face teaching, group discussions, personal practise and feedback we build confidence to help staff to discover a selection of tools & techniques to enhance their Charisma and humour abilities. These improved communication skills will give them the confidence and skills to be more pro-active dealing with company departments, staff and Clients and prospects.

Who Should Attend?

Perfect for all layers of a company including frontline and support staff who have intra office conversations/meetings and/or deal with customers or prospects, from Reception desk, In-house support staff, Customer service, Executive assistants, Account executives, Office managers, Team leaders, Managerial and Professional staff, CEOs, Sales teams and Leadership groups.

What You Will Learn and Discover

  • Discover the 4 ways to become more Charismatic, easily.
  • Learn the 2-step formula to using what you have to inspire people to listen to you.
  • Discover how you can be more strategically funny and how it can be learnt with these core fundamentals.
  • Learn to make someone feel as if they're the only person that matters by doing these three things.
  • Discover steps to ensure your body language is fully aligned with what you’re saying.

What You Will Do

  • Learn techniques to improve charisma via body language and identify the behaviours you need to adjust.
  • Practical exercises and activities in the training room to identify key issues to improve
  • Learn simple techniques to become an excellent listener by deliberately pausing and asking questions.
  • Practice new skills and receive feedback on how to improve your performance.
  • Engage in group discussions, video analysis, self-reflection, and targeted practice with feedback.
  • Practice body language techniques so your message and body language are aligned with what you’re saying because charisma is about what you say and do as opposed to who you really are as a person.
  • Learn the differences between fun and funny and how you can use either to maximise your likeability.

What You Will Achieve

Learn the basics to developing charisma. It may seem like some people are born likeable, but everyone is capable of developing charisma. No matter what your personality, there are certain traits you can practise and apply to your own behaviour that can make you seem more magnetic, trustworthy and influential.

  • Learn how to quickly build rapport and credibility to persuade your audience via humour and charisma.
  • Learn how to be confident and not let self-doubt affect your persona.
  • Learn that Presence is the most important aspect of charisma, and next is confidence.
  • Presence is about being fully engaged with others. You are showing the other person that they have your complete attention.