According to science Humans are hardwired for stories. Hearing a well told tale literally causes a cascade of brain and hormonal changes that ramp up feelings of excitement, empathy and psychological reward

Using face to face teaching, group discussions, personal practice and feedback we build Confidence, help staff to discover a selection of tools & techniques to enhance their Storytelling and Storyshowing abilities. These improved communication skills will give them the confidence and skills to be more pro-active when engaging through the powerful message of story whether dealing with others in the company or prospects and customers and sharing the Company story/Vision or personal story to inspire people to action.

Who Should Attend?

Perfect for those staff who have any contact with customers or prospects and those who manage or lead in the office along with those who speak regularly to groups. Customer service, Account executives, Office managers, Team leaders, Managerial and Professional staff, Leadership groups and Sales teams.

What You Will Learn and Discover

  • Learn how to share more powerful stories using a simple 5-step method.
  • Discover the Framework needed for powerful Storytelling.
  • Learn how to show your Story powerfully.
  • Discover 3 Powerful ways to create anticipation and story momentum to inspire emotion.
  • Learn how to build confidence, influence others and make a deeper connection.

What You Will Do

  • Learn the secrets that Hollywood screenwriters use to create anticipation and momentum in stories.
  • Practice non-verbal intelligence to help show your story so anyone can catch it easily.
  • Learn simple frameworks for structuring story.
  • Practice new skills and receive feedback on how to improve your performance.
  • Learn techniques to build your confidence to engage audiences through storytelling.
  • Practical exercises and activities in the training room to identify key issues to improve.
  • Engage in group discussions, video analysis, self-reflection, and targeted practice with feedback.

What You Will Achieve

The ability to use the most effective methods of persuasion, motivation and inspiration in Storytelling and improve with Storyshowing to help connect on a much deeper, more emotional level with your audience leaving a profound impact on the listener which embeds your company or personal story into their brain.