Started in 2013, the Speakers Institute, was founded by globally recognised professional speaker, Sam Cawthorn and his wife Kate Cawthorn. Sam has been professionally speaking for over 10 years and Kate has close to a decade of experience in the Professional Speaking Industry as well as being a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, combined they saw an opportunity to help others and they launched the Speakers Institute at Google Headquarters in 2013.
During the last 5 years the company has grown and built a fantastic team of expert trainers, a world class curriculum and have coached more than 5000 individuals throughout Australia and recently Singapore and India. The results of the companies' impact on personal lives at home and work through empowering people to deliver their message using improved communications skills has been impressive and, in some cases, life changing.
In 2017 the seed was germinated that teaching how to 'Communicate with Influence and Persuasion', 'How to pitch your presentation' and using 'Storytelling & Storyshowing' to connect with co-workers and clients in the Corporate environment was just as important as teaching it to individuals.
And so, in 2018 Speakers Institute Corporate training division was formed. With access to a huge curriculum that could be utilised both face to face, online and via webinar and a team of trainers who have a large range of experience in teaching communication skills, Speakers Institute would now not only deliver 'high performing' Keynote speakers to Corporations for conferences however would also be able to involved in 'ongoing' training for those companies who need to have their staff learn and understand how to communicate more effectively and with influence and persuasion and a touch of Charisma and Humour. The biggest training request so far has been in the area of how to connect with the power of Story. In fact, Sam Cawthorn in 2017 wrote the best seller 'Storyshowing: How to Stand Out from the Storytellers'.
Today we have access in Australia to more that 40 highly qualified trainers/facilitators, M.C.s and coaches along with a large range of Keynote speakers to suit every requirements an organisation may need to make their training, seminars and conference the success they should be.
Our ambition is to be a world-leading provider of Speakers training and empowerment through communication skills to individuals, along with being a world-leading provider of Corporate training in the arena of professional development in the communications, leadership and motivation fields.
We are committed to delivering high end experiential training programs that are designed to help your organisation unlock the potential and improve the professional development of your employee through theory, practice and feedback.