We work with you to provide a stimulating program relevant for your staff. We aim to make it unique, face to face, full of practice and feedback whilst providing a learning experience that will ignite passion and inspire change in your staff.

Catherine Molloy

Catherine Molloy is an International Speaker, Writer and Communication Expert and is a qualified DISC accredited consultant who has been with the Speakers Institute since November, 2014. Catherine specialises in Communications, leadership, sales and service. Cath is fun, friendly and forward thinking.

Catherine was recently awarded an International "Stevie Award" in America for Sales Training/Education Leader of the Year. After training internationally, Catherine has developed a holistic roadmap that combines insights from over 25 years of studying body language, behavioral science and neurolinguistics programming to radically transform how teams and individuals communicate and self-lead.

Cath engages audiences to be conscious in their communication style, encouraging participation through interactive activities, leaving participants engaged, connected and more conscious of their communications.

Catherine is married, one husband, three children and two dogs. She travels from Brisbane, and loves working with different cultures worldwide.

Demian Coorey

An award-winning physicist, former chief analyst for Citibank Australia, and the only vegetarian ever to be head of product development at Barbeques Galore, Demian has been with the Speakers Institute since March, 2015.

He is now a professional speaker and trainer, and is one of the Speakers Institute’s most experienced coaches. His passion is using new techniques to explain and persuade, with both clarity and confidence.

Demian sees Innovation thinking as the future of literacy in all organisations and enjoys taking participants through a number of high energy interactive exercises featuring specific problems and scenarios, ensuring participants emerge with the knowledge and confidence to be able to come up with new workable ideas whenever they’re needed.

Demian’s love of Analytics belies his persona, he has a quick wit and passionately facilitates workshops and seminars with a cheeky grin. Demian always wants to ensure that he has imparted knowledge and workable ideas and will ensure that concepts are simply explained.

Kate Cawthorn

Kate Cawthorn is genuine and caring which comes across in her sessions. She listens carefully and then acts. As a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Kate is trained to help you understand and realise your full potential through understanding your strengths and how to work with them.

Kate is involved in one on one coaching and also facilitates group sessions within our events. She has had more than a decade of experience in the Professional Speaking Industry.

Kate’s coaching style is one that will help you to uncover, understand and develop your strengths in a supportive environment. Her approach is calm; however, she is not shy when it comes to telling you the things you need to hear.

Kate is also the Co-Founder of the Speakers Institute so has been with Speakers Institute since inception in 2013. She has a deep desire to spread her knowledge of a strengths-based approach with individuals, managers and teams.

Nick Harding

After 13 years as a High School English teacher, Nick has transitioned into being a professional MC and corporate trainer and has been with the Speakers Institute since January, 2014.

Nick is a font of knowledge, often knowing quirky facts about your topic and the etymology of where key words came from. He has the ability to quickly come up with creative ways to help you learn to improve your communication skills and interesting alternatives to the current message you’ve been using.

Nick has a way of communicating in a conversational style that makes boring subjects appear interesting. He is an idea generator, a mine of information, and one of his testimonials called him a ‘pleasant intellectual’.

Nick has been involved with the “National Student Leadership Forum’ in Australia’s Parliament House, “Mastering Communication for Influence” with international speakers Sam Cawthorn & Michael Grinder, “and the Vivid Sydney event “Humble Design to Make Things Happen”.

Nick has facilitated workshops on leadership, influence and communication for some of Australia’s top brands, including Westpac, Telstra and IAD.

Jodie Spiteri-James

Jodie spent 20 years in Book Publishing as Sales Director and Managing Director until she realised the further up the corporate ladder she climbed the more removed she was from making a difference to the lives of others. So, Jodie left the publishing world, qualified as a Coach and NLP Practitioner and moved into the world of personal and professional development.

Jodie is all about helping people improve whether it be via strategy, efficiency, or purpose and passion. Jodie loves watching as people learn and put new skills into practice. Jodie has been with the Speakers Institute since April, 2016.

Jodie is a certified Gallup strengths coach and through facilitation, coaching and training loves to empower leaders with the tools and strategies to overcome confidence challenges in career, business and life so they excel, succeed and prosper. She is results driven, commercially astute, financially literate, energetic and enthusiastic.

Warren Tate

Warren enters the room fully abuzz and a ball of energy ready to uncoil. Warren works closely with teams to master their communication skills, build relationships with clients and how we construct our messages and how we deliver them to have a major influence on the success of our outcomes, both short and long term.

Warren in 3 Words: Energetic, Experienced and Leader and has been with the Speakers Institute since July, 2015.

Warren believes that we are all born equal – however, we certainly don’t end up equal in our careers or businesses. What is the difference between the people who succeed and those who struggle through work and life? Many people will respond with answers such as lack of education, upbringing, personal circumstances, economic circumstances, physical or mental disadvantages; the list could go on and on. Warren believes that the better your communication skills and understanding of others, the greater your opportunities to grow and succeed.

A Certified Speaking Coach, Warren has spent countless hours of study and research into understanding the psychology, biology and behavioural science behind how humans think and communicate and that research and learning forms the foundation for his recent book.

The author of the best-selling book – ‘I GET YOU Communication can change your destination’, Warren provides powerful insights into the science behind face to face communication and provides strategies for you to master your communication super power and change your destination.

Warren is an experienced Presenter, Speaker and Coach who has worked with many corporate companies having facilitated and delivered over 1,500 training and workshop presentations Warren believes he has been fortunate to be in a position to influence and assist many individuals and businesses to grow and understand the importance of their message and that effective communication really does determine your outcomes and your destination.

You will uncover that how we communicate is complicated and truly amazing, however when you understand the key elements to how we communicate and how your message can be delivered with clarity the majority of the time, your life and outcomes will be changed forever.

Sam Cawthorn

Sam Cawthorn is the CEO and Founder of Speakers Institute and Speakers Tribe. Author of 7 books including 2 International Best Sellers, he is both the Young Australian of the Year and the Edupreneur of the Year. Sam has been with Speakers Institute since inception in 2013.

In October 2006 Sam’s life changed forever when he was involved in a major car accident, where he was pronounced dead. He was thankfully resuscitated, but left with an amputated right arm and a permanent disability in his right leg – and it this journey that enabled him to develop a mental resilience that gave him the tools to miraculously recover from his accident. Sam generously shares what he discovered on his journey with audiences who are captivated by his every word. Sam has a diverse background within the Australian Federal Government as a Youth Futurist and is a highly skilled musician, and one of the only people in the world who retaught himself to play the guitar with an above elbow amputation.

Sam went on to become one of the world’s most in demand global professional speakers. For over 10 years, Sam Cawthorn has served as a leading inspirer to renowned world and business leaders, and organisations. He has an unrivalled ability to distil complex strategies into simple and powerful models that can be applied immediately to produce measurable and lasting results. Sam’s thought leadership is in resilience and speaker training and his message to not bounce back but ‘bounce forward’ through difficult times has reached people from around the world.

In 2013 Sam became an entrepreneur and with his wife Kate built their training company (Speakers Institute) which now runs events globally teaching how to master communication for influence. In 2018 Sam opened a new division ‘Speakers Institute Corporate Training’ and has been involved training staff of some of Australia’s leading companies such as Canon, Westpac Financial Services, BP, Commonwealth Bank and Telstra. The biggest training request so far has been in the area of how to connect with the power of Story. In fact, Sam Cawthorn in 2017 wrote the best seller ‘Storyshowing: How to Stand Out from the Storytellers’.