Our facilitator Kate Cawthorn will give a short demonstration from our curriculum including:

  • How to apply your Strengths to the goals you want to achieve.
  • Learn the 5 most common Strengths people have.
  • How to be more influential and persuasive using yours & others Strengths.
  • Actionable insights into your own talents to help optimise your strengths as a manager.

Tuesday 18th, June 2019


  • 5:30pm Doors Open.
  • 5:45pm Welcome.
  • 6:00pm Workshop session 1. Empowering yourself to succeed using your unique set of talents.
  • 6:30pm Workshop session 2. Using CliftonStrengths to create a winning culture in the workplace.
  • 7:00pm Networking – Drinks and Nibbles.
  • 7:45pm Finish.

Our Presenters:

Kate Cawthorn

Kate Cawthorn is genuine and caring which comes across in her sessions. She listens carefully and then acts. As a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Kate is trained to help you understand and realise your full potential through understanding your strengths and how to work with them.

She has a deep desire to spread her knowledge of a strengths-based approach with individuals, managers and teams.

Kate’s coaching style is one that will help you to uncover, understand and develop your strengths in a supportive environment. Her approach is calm; however, she is not shy when it comes to telling you the things you need to hear.

Catherine Molloy

Catherine Molloy is an International Speaker, Writer and Communication Expert and is a qualified DISC accredited consultant who has been with the Speakers Institute since November, 2014. Catherine specialises in Communications, leadership, sales and service. Cath is fun, friendly and forward thinking.

Cath engages audiences to be conscious in their communication style, encouraging participation through interactive activities, leaving participants engaged, connected and more conscious of their communications.

Warren Tate

Warren Tate enters the room fully abuzz and a ball of energy ready to uncoil. Warren works closely with teams to master their communication skills, build relationships with clients and how we construct our messages and how we deliver them to have a major influence on the success of our outcomes, both short and long term.

Warren in 3 Words: Energetic, Experienced and Leader and has been with the Speakers Institute since July, 2015.

Nick Harding

Nick Harding is a font of knowledge, often knowing quirky facts about your topic and the etymology of where key words came from. He has the ability to quickly come up with creative ways to help you learn to improve your communication skills and interesting alternatives to the current message you’ve been using.

Nick has a way of communicating in a conversational style that makes boring subjects appear interesting. He is an idea generator, a mine of information, and one of his testimonials called him a ‘pleasant intellectual’.

The Speakers Institute Corporate Training Programs are designed to help your organisation unlock the potential and improve the professional development of your employees. In today’s business world, employees need to possess a combination of technical skills and professional practical abilities, (Hard and Soft Skills).

Speakers Institute are a leader in innovative soft skills development, we will work together to provide a stimulating training program exploring topics relevant to your organisation and teams, tailoring a program that will focus on your organisation’s training needs, combining industry focus and practical skills into your training package.

Using face to face teaching, group discussions, personal practice and feedback we build Confidence, help staff to discover a selection of tools & techniques to enhance their personal profile within the company, via improved communication skills giving them the confidence and skills to be more pro-active and assertive with interpersonal interactions, whether dealing with others in the company or prospects and customers.

Our courses are perfect for a broad range of staff including frontline and support staff who have Client facing involvement, from Reception desk, in-house support staff, Customer service, Executive assistants, Account executives, Sales teams as well as those involved with decision making meetings or team meetings such as Office managers, Team leaders, Managerial, Professional staff and Leadership groups.