We work with you to understand the context and needs of your company. We then deliver high impact workshops using practice and feedback. We will help you manage the project from start-to-end and have capabilities to help you embed the learning through our digital platforms.

Below are a sample of the courses that can be delivered onsite or offsite, half-day, one-day or two-day events, each event tailored for you and can be delivered (one to one) and (one to many).

One-on-One Presentation Skills - Executive Training

One-on-One Presentation Skills Training is designed to train the busiest Executive Staff who have limited time. On-Site Training will be tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at a time and location of the client’s choice.

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Connect with Storytelling and Storyshowing

Storytelling and Storyshowing is a practical full-day workshop designed to help staff improve their ability to communicate theirs or the Companies story effectively to audiences leaving a lasting impact. According to science Humans are hardwired for stories. Hearing a well told tale literally causes a cascade of brain and hormonal changes that ramp up feelings of excitement, empathy and psychological reward.

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Communicating with Influence and Persuasion

Influence and Persuasion is a practical full-day workshop designed to help staff improve their Communication skills, to communicate effectively at all levels, project self-assurance and self-confidence when dealing with others in the company and also prospects and customers outside the company.

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Presentation Mastery for Influence and Persuasion

Presentation Mastery is a practical full-day workshop designed to help staff improve their ability to communicate their message effectively to an audience whilst keeping them engaged and attentive. Learning how to assess the audience and plan a persuasive presentation which uses reasoning and emotional appeal to deliver a message that will inspire people into action.

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Develop your Confidence and Certainty

Confidence and Certainty is a practical full-day workshop designed to help staff improve their Confidence and Certainty. Confidence is a state that we experience in our bodies which is attainable for everyone. However, confidence is something that we need to cultivate. The more we cultivate it, the better we become at it. One major part of confidence is certainty. Very often what we don’t realise is, there are many facets and influences we experience that affect confidence and one of them is certainty.

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Develop your Charisma and Humour

Charisma and Humour is a practical full-day workshop designed to help staff improve their natural charisma and humour which will give them more confidence in communicating within the company and externally with customers or prospects. Humans are naturally drawn to those with charisma, which is something that can be learnt and practised through body language and presentation techniques. With charisma, staff will become more influential, persuasive and inspiring and humour will allow them to improve their likeability factor within the office which is a great asset to have.

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How to Pitch – Proposal and Presentation

How to Pitch is a practical full-day workshop designed to help staff pitch their ideas to their manager, team, customer or prospect We teach them how to effectively communicate their pitch in a positive manner that will help them influence those they are pitching to with a ‘Call to Action’ as the desired result.

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Thought Leadership – Become Influential as a Thought Leader

Thought Leadership is a practical full-day workshop designed to help develop the potential of employees to become key thinkers and influencers in their company and industry. We will provide strategies to enable them to more effectively capture, package and deliver ideas that make a difference.

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"Their trainers and speakers are world class. Speakers institute delivers exceptional value and our teams have certainly improved in story and communication." CANON
"Speakers Institute over delivered and their facilitators were really helpful in distilling complex issues into easy understandable teachings. We enjoyed their services." BT FINANCE
"Our staff were inspired and they learnt a lot of valuable lessons and tips on how to communicate more effectively. Thank you." DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES
"Inspiring and resonated with all our teams. This will improve our customer service and sales. Thank you." JB HIFI